Workshops @ MOVE

MOVE Summit 2024 Workshops Programme

In addition to the core talks and panels, MOVE Summit offers a series of skills-based, practical workshops. Each session is led by an industry specialist and focuses on a different technique, process or skill, and we’re super excited to announce the amazing talent on show in this year’s programme!

Workshop spaces are limited to 20 people per workshop and are only available to MOVE ticket holders, for the day the workshop it taking place. Places for each workshop session will be released daily starting Monday 5th February

AWUK workshop: Taking A Seat At The Table. Led by Megan Anderson (Emerging Talent Day)

A strong personal brand is a critical success factor when it comes to taking a seat at the table. Being clear about who you are and the value you bring to the table not only builds confidence when interacting with others, it also helps guide your future decisions about your career.

The purpose of this highly interactive and practical session is to identify your personal brand so that you can:

  • Focus on what’s most important to you
  • Identify your strengths and the value you bring
  • Build your confidence with others
  • Sell yourself in an authentic way that feels natural to you

Emerging Talent Day – Wednesday 21st

Tickets released – Monday 5th Feb @ 10:00am


James Williams - Visual Storytelling Workshop: Exploration of cinematic character blocking and camera techniques.

A hands-on workshop where students will learn the principles of camera and character blocking within the context of a scene. Bring your phone cameras and your enthusiasm for filmmaking!

Thursday 22nd

Tickets released – Monday 5th Feb @ 12noon


Troy Quane - LETS BREAK STUFF!: How to defy expectations in your story structure.

How to use and when to “break” patterns in storytelling to subvert audience expectations to heighten comedy and deepen emotional impact. 

Thursday 22nd

Tickets released – Tuesday 6th Feb @ 12noon


Hesham Sabry - Business Affairs for Animation – What Do You Need To Know?

Bring your real or hypothetical legal and business affairs questions along for an informal discussion. Ensuring that your IP and rights are protected at every stage from initial development through to production and exploitation is crucial – at this workshop we will hopefully help you to feel more confident and informed about what you need to know.

Thursday 22nd

Tickets released – Wednesday 7th Feb @ 12noon


Eleanor Stewart - Paper Stop Motion Animation

Eleanor Stewart from Clubhouse Animations will be running this special hands-on workshop where you can learn how to make a Paper Stop Motion Animation. Create your own paper scene and bring it to life through the magic of stop motion animation while learning some industry tips and tricks.

Friday 23rd

Tickets released – Thursday 8th Feb @ 12noon


AWUK workshop: Taking A Seat At The Table. Led by Megan Anderson

Taking a seat at the table requires us to navigate complex conversations with confidence. In this highly interactive session we explore why certain conversations trigger our emotions and learn practical tools and techniques to:

  • Build rapport with those who are different from ourselves
  • Understand why our emotions get triggered in difficult conversations
  • Confidently manage objections in a constructive way
  • Give someone negative feedback without damaging the relationship
  • Be assertive with strong characters without becoming aggressive

Friday 23rd

Tickets released – Friday 9th Feb @ 10:00am


Dan Castro - Plork! Playfulness, work, and all the in-betweens

It’s no big secret that creativity relies heavily on play. And in order to be playful, as Bernard de Koven would put it, we have to “let [our selves] out to play” (2014, p 34-35). We need to adopt a mindset that allows us to approach things creatively, curiously, optimistically. But it’s only too easy to get caught up in the idea that creative work needs to be ‘good’; and in this thought process we forget the very core of what it means to create. We forget how to play.

This workshop introduces Corita Kent’s notion of ‘plork’ – working playfully, or playfully working – (Kent and Steward, 2008) as part of a contemporary toolset for engaging our playful selves; for worrying less and working more. Through two key processes – abstract drawing and rule-setting – we will re-engage with our own playfulness and playful values and ultimately create space for more playful, productive, imaginative practices.

Learn the importance of non-judgemental creative practice, mindfully engage with your playfulness and creativity, write your own ‘plorkful manifesto’, and create a colourful reminder of how to engage your playful creative self.

Friday 23rd

Tickets released – Friday 9th Feb @ 12noon