Emerging Talent Day: Weds 22 Feb 2023

Since the conception of Move Summit in 2016, education has been a key focus. The conference plays a vital role in the bridge between animation practitioners in higher education, and professionals in the wider industry.

The Move Summit Emerging Talent day supports College and University students from across Scotland, accompanied by their course leaders.

This year’s programme includes sessions with: Netflix, Cartoon Saloon, Blue Zoo Studio, Axis Studios, Wild Chid Animation, Interference Pattern, ISODESIGN, Eyebolls, Nancy Denny-Phelps and Marco Maldonato.

Move Summit has strong relationships with Scotland’s Further and Higher Education Institutions and wishes to expand on this throughout the UK and beyond.

How to Book

Tickets for our Emerging Talent day can be booked in bulk by a course leader or a representative of educational institutions. There are also options for a limited number of students to attend both industry days at special student discount price.

If you haven’t bought a ticket through your course leader you can buy your ticket online here.

An Incredible Opportunity

“Move Summit presents an incredible opportunity for students, recent graduates and professionals, to learn more and gain greater awareness of the local industry and the wider sector, which reaches across the world of Animation & VFX.

Our goal is always to enrich the student and professional experience of Animation/VFX in Scotland; by providing a diverse gathering of local and international talent, panel discussions, Creative Challenges and portfolio reviews from industry professionals.

We can’t do it without you. There is no animation industry without talented and inspired individuals.”

Jonathan Mortimer, Education Engagement Manager

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