Patrick Osborne

Patrick will be participating in our Industry Day where he’ll be giving a talk on Somersaulting through a Directing Career: hear from Academy Award-winner Patrick Osborne, how a career can flourish through the intertwining worlds of original and branded content. Looking at his portfolio at Disney, as well as his recent projects at Nexus Studios, Patrick will share a view into his creative process while demonstrating how curiosity and innovation are the fundamental chords of his directorial voice.

Oscar and Emmy winning Director Patrick Osborne is a master of emotionally captivating and technically innovative animated films.

Patrick honed his craft at Disney working on a number of celebrated short and long-form animation including Big Hero 6, Paperman, Wreck it Ralph, Tangled and Bolt. At Disney Patrick also Directed the short Feast, a heart-warming tale about love through the eyes of a Boston Terrier, which won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short. He then went onto creating one of Google’s first Spotlight Stories named, Pearl, which was the first ever VR film to be nominated for an Oscar and also earned Patrick an Emmy and three Annie awards.

As a Nexus Studios Director, Patrick has led a range of groundbreaking projects. He co-directed Billie Eilish’ concert special Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles with Robert Rodriguez, which premiered exclusively on Disney+ and received a coveted Grammy nomination. During the Covid-19 lockdown Patrick also teamed up with network giant Cox Communications to create Drawn Closer. The highly praised mixed-media documentary saw a class of theatre kids brought together through animation and storytelling at a time when connection had come to a halt.

Patrick’s passion for innovation and new mediums has driven him to spearhead some of Nexus Studios’ Real-Time ventures including the Amazon Studios and Critical Role’s never-before-seen live Q&A with the animated characters of The Legend of Vox Machina, and the show This Tape Deck is a Time Machine, which is currently in development. To produce Tape Deck and showcase the endless possibilities of Real-Time technology the team crafted a teaser entirely in Unreal Engine.

Patrick has also directed an episode of Netflix’s renowned and multi-award-winning anthology series, Love, Death & Robots.