Steve Henderson

Steve will be participating in both our Emerging Talent Day and our Industry Days where he will be chairing the Spotlight on Scotland panel – which will also be recorded and published as a  Skwigly Animation podcast on Friday 23rd. 

Steve Henderson is the co-owner and Editor of  Online Animation Magazine, a resource producing written content, podcasts, videos and reviews covering the entire scope of the industry. He is also director of Manchester Animation Festival, the UK’s largest animation festival. Animation exhibitions he has curated include Reanimating The Snowman, a journey through of the production material from the film and it’s sequel with Arts University Bournemouth and Mackinnon and Saunders: Origins, an exhibition of photographic material from the model making studio. His 2017 PhD thesis focussed on British Children’s Television Animation and Animation Archives, an area which he has involvement and expertise in preserving, promoting and protecting.