Marco Maldonato

Marco will be conducting an introductory workshop on Storyboarding as a language on our Emerging Talent Day (22/02/23, student only). 
Playing with the frame means playing with the narrative itself. The way storyboard artists lay the elements of the story onto the screen deeply informs the way the audience perceives what’s happening.
In this workshop, the participants are invited to learn how the moving image speaks its own language. After a brief introduction to the major storyboarding guidelines, there will be an active creative exercise where people will be asked to translate a small script into a storyboarding sequence.

Marco Maldonato is a queer storyboard artist from Italy. He began his career in 2018, after getting a degree in animation in Bristol. He’s worked for live action commercials, animated shows and PR campaigns alike, sometimes dipping his toes into motion graphics and illustration. He is living in Berlin at the moment, working with clients from the UK, Italy and Germany.