Stu Aitken

A certified industry veteran with well over a decade of experience, Stu began his career in the fledgling CGI industry in the early 90’s soon after graduating from Glasgow School of Art with Honours in Design.

Stu co-founded Axis in 2000 with his colleagues Richard, Graham and Dana and in his role as Creative Director he oversees all CG production, creative output, and the space where technical and creative meet.

Stu has either supervised or contributed to most of Axis’ significant projects over the last 10 years. He directed the Cannes Gold Lions winning Dead Island trailer and the ground breaking digital episodic series Halo 4: Spartan Ops.

As a Director Stu combines a finely-developed eye for lighting, pace and framing with considerable technical insight. He relishes technically demanding challenges and innovative approaches to storytelling and look.