James Uren

Virtual Production Techniques

Virtual Production is an umbrella term for real-time graphics in film and television workflows. In this talk, James will give an overview of the technologies of virtual production, and discuss case studies of how they are being used across the industry to create and explore virtual environments, previsualise and enhance visual effects, and democratise high-end VFX for a wider range of productions.

James Uren is the Technical Director at Mo-Sys Engineering. Mo-Sys design and build robotics and tracking systems for film and television that enable visual effects and virtual production.Film credits include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, Life of Pi, The Shape of Water and Aquaman, and serial television credits include Stranger Things, House of Cards, Sherlock, Orange is the New Black among many more. In broadcast Mo-Sys have supported the likes of the BBC, ESPN, FOX, Sky and The Weather Channel.

Mo-Sys’ precision tracking technology also opens the door to full virtual production, where real-time graphics engines such as Unreal Engine can be used to create photo-real visual effects, and aid pre-production, production and post.