Andrew Lord

The blockbuster VFX of Star Wars: Origins

With over 100 4K VFX shots, Star Wars: Origins is not what you would expect from a typical fan movie, both in terms of production values and ambition. This short film takes a unique look at where the saga began. It’s a thrilling action-adventure film that draws inspiration from both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, telling an epic story based on earth during WWII.

After screening Star Wars: Origins, VFX supervisor, Ben Haworth and studio co-founder, Andrew Lord will explain why they took on such a unique project and will run through their work on the film – achieved in less than two months – including the most ambitious shot, the star destroyer rising from the dunes!

Andrew is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Flipbook Studio, a multidisciplinary production company based in Manchester city centre. Andrew began his career in VFX and animation as a producer at Bafta-winning studio Redvision, before joining RealtimeUK and then finally, co-founding Flipbook in 2010. As managing director and executive producer, Andrew oversees and maintains the studio’s high-quality output, ensuring productions are innovative, thought-provoking and engaging.

With Animation and Visual Effects at the studio’s core, Flipbook embraces artistic excellence, technical ingenuity, innovation, creativity and collaboration. The studio works across Broadcast TV, Film, Video Games, Immersive Technology, Digital and Experiential campaigns. Flipbook has worked on a broad range of campaigns including Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot animation, VFX for Star Wars: Origins, Ninja Theory’s launch campaign for Bleeding Edge, and VFX for the BBC and Netflix series, The Worst Witch.