Anthony Eliot-Finch

Anthony will be taking part in our World of Animation Production panel discussion.  An insight into the world of animation production from the perspective of industry professionals who come from a range of backgrounds but are all connected by a passion for the industry. From advertising to feature films, this panel will cover the importance of production as a job within animation and tackle some misconceptions about the industry as a whole.

Anthony Eliot-Finch will be participating in the Freelancer Focus session presented by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund.

Anthony has been working professionally for 9 years in the VFX and CG animation industries. He has moved between VFX production and producing animated features and TV series for production houses such as Warner Bros, Disney, Heyday Films, Netflix, Syfy, Mattel, and many more. His career started out after graduating and gaining work experience in a small CG commercials company back in 2011. From there he took on an entry-level role at Framestore’s London facility and worked up the ranks. Following this he took a leap over to Axis studios to pursue CG productions. Anthony landed his first feature film here and learnt how to take a 70-minute feature from script to final execution. This was further enhanced by working on further features and TV series such as ‘Happy!’ for Syfy where he was the key Production Manager for both series. Most recently Anthony has returned to Framestore as their new Art Department Producer overseeing early stages of development on high-end feature films across both London and LA sites.