Debbie Ross

Debbie will be taking part in our World of Animation Production panel discussion.  An insight into the world of animation production from the perspective of industry professionals who come from a range of backgrounds but are all connected by a passion for the industry. From advertising to feature films, this panel will cover the importance of production as a job within animation and tackle some misconceptions about the industry as a whole.


With 26 years of producing under her belt, Debbie started in live action for television before moving into high-end animation production. After more than 12 years at Axis Studios she founded her own company, Braw Production, in 2019 and is now working across a wide range of animated content for the entertainment and games industries.

Debbie places great value on creativity and relationships within production, bringing together selected talent and bespoke teams for her clients. She promotes thinking outside the box to produce the best possible content, whilst nurturing a positive experience for everyone involved.