James Walsh

Join James for his workshop Writing for Animation.

A workshop that strives to answer two questions… How does writing for animation differ to live action? And how do you launch a career as an animation writer? If you’re interested in writing on an existing series or developing your own ideas, this workshop covers both the craft of writing for animation and where to start if you want to find work. From world-building and directing the reader to making the right industry contacts, James will use his own experience writing for hit animated shows to cover a variety of topics.

James writes for hit animated TV shows like Hey Duggee! and Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed. He develops series ideas for independent producers and studios, creates and pitches his own IP, and works on original animated feature scripts, with the hope of one day winning an Oscar and/or having a great “they stole my idea” story.
When he first started writing, James was moonlighting as a children’s entertainer. He moved to Scotland in 2015, had a son soon after, and now channels all of his experience and youthful exuberance into writing fun, funny and compelling stories for kids.