Craig Foster

It’s all in the details – Wednesday 19th February

There is so much detail that we put into every pixel that you see on screen. A lot of these details, you may not even actively notice. So why do we do it? At Pixar, we are here to tell stories. And just like in real life, everything in this world has a backstory. So by building in rich detail into all the things that you see on screen, we are making the world more believable and authentic, so that you as the viewer can relax a little and accept that you’re not just watching a movie about toys that talk, but rather are being let into this hidden world and going on an adventure right alongside the characters.

This concept weaves itself into all aspects of this film. From how we build these details into each set and environment, characters, and the art design design and graphics.


Behind the Lamp – Thursday 20th February

Fifteen of the 50 highest-grossing films of all time were born, not in Hollywood, but in Emeryville. Pixar Animation Studios Art Director Craig Foster takes you on a revealing look at his career and path to the studio that has changed the way we look at everything from the toys under our beds to the monsters in our closets, and from the cars in our driveways to our loved ones in the afterlife.

Join Craig for a revealing look at his career and path to this creative campus.

Craig joined the Pixar family in 2004 as a graphic designer on “The Incredibles” and has worked on nearly every Pixar feature since – including the forthcoming “Toy Story 4.” As art director, Craig works with a talented team of designers to create graphics that help support the story throughout the film, making him intimately familiar with the painstaking attention to detail that has become a hallmark of Pixar filmmaking.