Ekaterina Pushkarova

Ekaterina’s workshop will revolve around portraiture, and how to transfer skills as a classical artist into the 3D CG world. Sharing early concept art from high profile projects, the workshop will demonstrate each stage of development, from facial anatomy and sculpting, to texturing in ZBrush and the creation of hyper realistic facial details.


Kat has an astounding 25 years of experience in classical art, gaining her masters in oil painting and taking a further specialisation in portraiture. She spent her initial 12 years in the CG industry working in the animation, lighting, rendering and rigging departments before moving to 2D concept art – from there, Kat advanced into 3D character art, spending 4 years working on games.

She moved from her native Bulgaria to Scotland 4 years ago to work at Axis Studios and has worked on some of the studios’ most iconic projects such as Love Death & Robots, Deathloop, League of Legends and more recently, Outriders/Directors Cut.