Camille Fourniols

Camille’s workshop will detail how to best utilize Houdini, and how to groom from scratch. As well as discussing the role of the grooming artist in the production pipeline, Camille will showcase a myriad of Axis projects and what it takes to achieve the best results.  


Camille studied in Supinfocom Arles – known as Mopa – which is based in South East France. She moved to London to work as a generalist and groom artist in an advertising studio before joining the Axis team in Glasgow. Houdini quickly became her main grooming tool.

Working very closely with the character artists, Camille ensures that everything is technically precise and ready for other departments to use. Camille’s vast and specialised knowledge has made her the go-to leader for colleagues, coaching new team members – as well as other co-workers in the character department – to be more familiar with hair and fur grooming using Houdini.