Amy Ash

Amy’s workshop will be an overview of the way she goes about creating a character, from reference collection and initial concept sculpting to topology, cloth sculpting and texturing, and will cover some of the processes she follows when adding life and interest to a model.


Amy has been working professionally for 20 years. She spent most of her career in the North West of England at animation studios such as Realtime UK and Studio Liddell. After completing a degree in natural media illustration, Amy became a 3d modeller and illustrator for advertising, eventually taking up animation. Amy then spent four years as an animator and character modeller for children’s television before moving back into a senior generalist role for commercial and TV vfx. Her duties ranged from character modelling and character design to animation, lighting and concept artwork.

In 2016, Amy left Manchester as a freelancer with the intention of specialising as a character artist. She utilised her extensive repertoire of skills to secure positions at Nexus, Passion Pictures and Aardman, before moving to Glasgow at the beginning of 2018 to join Axis as a character artist.