Noah Klocek

The Importance of Authenticity In Animation

With the current explosion of new content and distribution worldwide, there is an opportunity for a diversity of subject matter, point of view and style, feature animation has never seen before. This diversity, however, is not guaranteed. Feature film animation can often suffer from looking at its past work for direction and inspiration. While there is value in looking at our past, looking instead to authentic storyteller and designer within each of us will allow us to truly take advantage of opportunities this renaissance of content is offering.

Noah Klocek is a leading designer and art director, leading the way in production design for the Hollywood animation industry.

Beginning his career with major studios ILM and Dreamworks Animation, Noah moved to Pixar Animation Studios in 2005, where he brought to life the incredible worlds of Brave, Partly Cloudy, Up, Wall-e, and The Good Dinosaur.

Noah’s experience includes advertising design and art direction; as well as matte painting, visual development, art direction, and production design. Always striving to find new way to tell stories, Noah’s first illustrated picture book Cloud Country, a collaboration with Bonny Becker, was published in autumn 2014.