Clemence Braggard

A look at the initiatives for French animation industry

Talk summary: On behalf of the French Association for Animated Cinema, Clémence Bragard, festival programmer and animation consultant, presents the various initiatives and programs supporting production and the animation network in France. A model to adapt for the development of your own opportunities?

After studying audiovisual and digital assets management, Clémence has worked for French broadcasters and production companies as an audiovisual researcher. Meanwhile, she has got involved in animation festivals, went back to study in 2013 and graduated from Gobelins, School of Image as a Production Manager. Since 2014, she has been developing independently various events related to the animation industry. She is a presenter and moderator of Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the project manager for NINOKO, an IP development program hosted by The Animation Workshop (Denmark) and the programmer and coordinator of the French animation film Festival (Rennes, France) organized by the French association for animated cinema – AFCA.