Graeme Sutherland & Chris McIntrye

Big ideas, smaller budgets.
Graeme and Chris will be talking about how the team at Whitespace produce new and exciting animation and AR/VR projects, even against the odds of budget and timing constraints. They’ll also be covering different software strengths and other techniques including real-time rendering in Unreal Engine.

Graeme and Chris are part of an award-winning team of creative technical innovators with a hunger to deliver incredible work through Whitespace’s in-house creative team and network partners. For such a small team they pack a big punch, creating work across many mediums including Mixed Reality, Motion Graphics, 3D, editing, and advertising. They do it all and more.

Graeme has over 10 years of experience in the creative industry and now heads up the Creative Production team at Whitespace while Chris has over 5 years experience, specialising in Animation, Interaction Design, Unity Development and Interactive Digital Experiences.