Joe Mullen

How to get weird with commercial animation

Deconstructing “Invention of Together” — a brand film for Tinder’s international launch. How it was made, what were the building blocks that lead up to it, and what it lead to.

Joe Mullen is a Los Angeles based Creative Director who mostly makes animated commercials, but loves pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling in any medium and form.

Studied Graphic Design and Animation at CalArts. Graduated in 2006 and landed his first job that same year at Buck as a design intern, where he is still figuring out ways to break the rules and tell engaging stories while constantly reinventing the medium.

Has had the good fortune of working alongside a bunch of like-minded artists and creators for the past 13 years, during which time has been involved in many of the iconic, genre defining and award winning works that Buck is known for including Good Books Metamorphosis, Childline NSPCC First Step, British Gas Hive, Facebook Factory, Clif Bar Family Foundation Seed Matters, TInder Invention of Together and most recently, Apple’s animated holiday campaign, Share your Gifts.