Jorge Montiel

CG Creatures | Exploring Photo Realism vs Character and Emotion

Jorge joined the team in 2011 taking on the role of Head of Animation. Jorge oversees the majority of The Mill’s animation projects and has been involved in some of the most iconic and ground-breaking creature work.

His recent creative highlights include Three ‘Puggerfly’, Netto ‘The Easter Surprise’, Audible ‘Mindful Moments’, Halifax ‘Thunderbirds’ and O2 ‘Follow The Rabbit’. Other recent noteworthy works include the award-winning Waitrose ‘Coming Home’ and Opel Motorsport ‘Racing Faces’.

Jorge has led renowned CG works including the awe-inspiring SSE ‘Maya’, featuring a 100% photo-real CG orangutan and was awarded a two Cannes Lions. He also worked closely with Director Simon McQuoid on Smithwick’s ‘Squirrel’, to develop a fully CG photo-real squirrel, which too won several industry awards.