John Kennedy

What’s in a Story

Showcasing a couple of very different recent projects John will discuss the increasing need for creative studios such as Windmill Lane to broaden their creative and collaborative bandwidth in response to an ever changing and increasingly challenging client landscape and how at the heart of it all storytelling remains essential.

John Kennedy is creative director with Windmill Lane.

His career has seen him work as a bomb disposal robot designer, cheesemaker (sort of), graphic designer, editor, animator, music video director, photographer, writer, film maker, visual effects supervisor and more.

His time with Windmill has given him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most interesting filmmakers, musicians, creative agencies, designers and brands in the world on a variety of projects across the advertising, feature film, TV and music industries. To namecheck a few, we’re talking; Guinness, Playstation, Kelloggs, McDonalds, U2, Stephen Soderbergh, Oliver Hirschbiegel, John Boorman, BBC, MTV and more

Personal projects, individual or collaborative are of huge importance and essential he believes, to any creative’s story and it’s something he strives to ensure is supported, encouraged and made possible in Windmill Lane.

More recently, he been behind the establishment of Windmill Create, an award winning “in-house” motion and content creation studio at the heart of Windmill Lane dedicated to driving cultural change across all aspects of the studio, challenging convention and seeking new collaborative opportunities wherever possible through a more creative first, expertise driven offering.