Damien Smith

Animation x Immersion: developing motion graphics and media for installation.

When designing animation for events or permanent installations there are a number of challenges and opportunities to consider that are different to when producing work just for screen. isodesign partner Damien Smith deconstructs 5 projects that explore the experience designer’s role and how animation can be used to tell a wide range of dynamic stories on a physical scale.

Damien Smith is a founding partner of ISO Design, which specialises in design-led interactive and immersive media installations for Museums and Galleries, Brand Experience and Visitor Centres and Broadcasters. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art Damien worked as a graphic designer and promos director in the music industry before forming ISO to work on television graphics, where they continue to work with clients such as the BBC and Channel 4. Working within broadcast they got the opportunity to help develop some of the earliest explorations in making TV content interactive and were appointed designers of the visual interface for the original BBC iplayer. A desire to apply their work on a bigger physical scale led to commissions for many of the UK’s leading cultural institutions and attractions including the Natural History Museum, London Transport Museum, the British Music Experience, Imperial War Museum and the Titanic Experience Belfast. Their project ‘The Gallery of Lost Art’ was the Tate’s first online only exhibition and won the SXSW interactive Award for Art. The studio has recently launched a dedicated R&D arm to explore future technologies and is presently working on projects in Ireland, Kuwait, Oman and China.