Dave Cubitt

illo’s recipe for motion design

Minimal and colorful aesthetics and well-crafted motion design are two ingredients that illo uses to create clear storytelling.

In their talk Laur and Dave will be giving insights into the animation process at illo and some of the tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Dave is an english animator who began his career in stop-motion for short films and advertising. He has since worked in a broad spectrum of the animation industry, including VFX and compositing for feature films, traditional 2D animation and motion design for promotional videos and advertising.

After relocating from Scotland to Italy to join the international team at illo design studio, Dave has since worked on projects for clients such as Airbnb, CNN, Toyota and Trenitalia, bringing his traditional background and physical approach to animation to the visual style of the studio.

illo is a design studio with a focus on motion design and data-visualization.

It has a passion for visual synthesis and clear storytelling, together with a strong background in technology – thanks to which they created algo, a self-driving video automation platform, where motion is driven by data.

They are an international team of 12, based in Italy and led by the creative duo Ilenia Notarangelo and Luca Gonnelli.