Nicky Gogan

Performer Driven Content with Piranha Bar

Piranha Bar, Dublin have been busy inventing original characters and worlds that harness the potential of the latest in 3D animation tech. Join creative director Gavin Kelly and exec producer Nicky Gogan for a sneak peek at their prototype work featuring the studio’s performance capture and real time rendering pipeline. From a genetically modified teen with four arms to hapless video gamers trapped inside their avatars in real life, the studio has been imagining a new generation of hybrid content driven by facial capture, markerless mocap and real time rendering with Unreal. Discover how content creation and next gen animation technology can be friends in Piranha Bar’s story so far . .

Nicky Gogan and Gavin Kelly have been creating feature documentaries, commercials and animation for over 10 years. Their work individually as writer, producer and director has landed many prestigious awards including a Digital Emmy, Jury Prize SXSW, Kinsale International Advertising Awards and a European Independent Film Award, to name a few.

They now work together at hybrid production company Piranha Bar developing original content with writers and production partners from both Ireland and around the world, for all platforms and all ages. With a diverse family of in-house talents including animators, VFX artists, designers, award-winning editors and directors, Piranha Bar is a hot house for storytelling and innovation. They are currently developing a bespoke animation pipeline for their projects, combining real-time rendering techniques with state of the art performance capture technology.

Twitter: @darklightfest