Jon Yeo

No End in Sight. Chasing the Moving Image with Jon Yeo

Talk Summary :  ( Will we have a chance to edit this as talk prep develops – does this go to press soon etc? )

About 30 years ago Jon got paid £50 to animate a spinning logo on his Amiga for a seaside laser tag company.

The proverbial penny dropped and he figured that if he could earn money by making things move on screens, then he might just make it.

Join him to chart some of the adventures which took him from Amiga enthusiast to directing for real. In a love letter to how lucky we are, working and playing at the same time while we chase the moving image.

Jon Yeo is a London based Director of short form stuff.

Often combining visual effects and animation with graphically composed live action,  with a heavy aesthetic bias to the art style. His approach involves a diverse range of skills and techniques. A background in graphic design has helped develop a confident visual edge and a distinctive signature style.

A keen collaborator with some of the best creative and VFX teams across the UK and Europe like MPC, The Mill, Analog, Man vs Machine, Mainframe, Post Panic, Parasol Island and Axis Animation. Working with broadcast brands such as BBC, ITV, MTV & Disney. High end Brand work for Sky in the UK involved Designing and Directing campaigns for Sky 1,2 & 3, Sky Arts and Sky 3D. An array of commercial clients and brands include Heinz, Microsoft, Cadbury, The Guardian, Harrods, Dyson, Bungie Universal and Marvel to name a few.

Jon has worked on an wide range of award winning broadcast projects, commercial commissions and independent works. He continues exploring new ways to make moving images.