Omer Harpaz & Eylon Sherf

Realtime rendering visualisation vs traditional CG and the effects on animation in archviz

Specialising in architectural visualisation for more than a decade working with leading brands , Line Creative’s founder Eylon Sherf has seen the best of what traditional rendering can offer.

Following a very fruitful early attempt at using Unreal Engine for real time rendering , witnessing its potential and the possibilities it brings in terms of production, motion, studio and account management , Line Creative moved to RT as primary operative.

In this talk we will follow the fashion of the studio’s focus development using project cases old and new.

Eylon is the founder and director of Line Creative in London.

An architect by profession with extensive background in design and front-end, Eylon is constantly busy looking at new tools and technologies to improve the visualisation experience for clients.

Excited by lines, colour, space and movement, Eylon finds fulfilment challenge in architectural animation design and concept , as well as creative flair in the details of actor and camera movement possibilities. Off work he is also a keen wind surfer and a retired DJ.

Omer is studio manager at Line Creative – a boutique CG art studio in London, focused on real-time rendering for architecture. As early adopter of Unreal Engine, Line Creative successfully set the tone for quality real-time architecture and in-game renders, presenting a high watermark of motion visual experience. Omer’s career background in broadcasting and television allowed him to work with leading brands outside media and focus on architecture design visualisation in recent years.