Tom Box

The Real-Time Revolution with Blue-Zoo

There’s an industrial revolution happening in the world of CG animation and that is real-time rendering. Blue Zoo share how they are using this rapidly advancing technology to enhance their storytelling skills and push creativity to the max, illustrated with a few exclusive peeks of new projects in the pipeline.

Tom Box is managing director and co-founder of Blue-Zoo Productions, the cartoon animation studio that has grown to become the UK’s largest animation company.

Blue-Zoo’s client list includes some of the biggest names in the entertainment world, such as Disney, the BBC, Sky, Shell, and the Rolling Stones. The studio has been recognised as Best Independent Production Company at the Children’s BAFTAs.

After co-founding Blue Zoo over 18 years ago, Tom continues to be a driving force throughout the company. Tom works as an executive creative within the commercials & games team, manages Blue Zoo’s AnimDojo online training initiative and also runs the studio’s short films programme.