Laura Breaden

Laura will be leading a talk on THE LINE – 10 YEARS on Friday 23rd.

In this talk, Tim McCourt and Laura Breaden reveal their process of making their in house short films and the importance of doing so; giving artists a platform to produce their visions into reality. You’ll learn how they’ve maintained their own visions and culture from growing their studio from 6 animators to an international team and how they stay innovative with new techniques and the nitty gritty of mastering them.

Laura is an Emmy nominated Executive Producer who has been working in film and animation for over 15 years. Laura started her career in animation working as a producer for a boutique studio in Melbourne, going on to open sister studios in Sydney and London. In recent years Laura has worked as an Executive Producer for Nexus Studios and Passion Pictures, and now proudly calls The Line Animation home. Her experience spans live action, mixed media, stop motion, 2D and 3D animation for commercials, branded content, title sequences and AAA game studios.