Tim McCourt

Tim will be leading a talk on THE LINE – 10 YEARS on Friday 23rd.

In this talk, Tim McCourt and Laura Breaden reveal their process of making their in house short films and the importance of doing so; giving artists a platform to produce their visions into reality. You’ll learn how they’ve maintained their own visions and culture from growing their studio from 6 animators to an international team and how they stay innovative with new techniques and the nitty gritty of mastering them.

Tim McCourt is a director, illustrator, and animator with a background in music videos, advertising, and short films. He has directed projects for the Gorillaz, Marvel, Channel 4, and Riot Games.
He is known for his distinct illustrative style, which is simultaneously bright, colorful, and gritty. His personal work incorporates elements of street style and high fashion, and it often goes viral.
Having directed for the last 10 years, Tim has now transitioned into the role of Executive Creative Director at THE LINE, a company he co-founded over a decade ago.