Kev McCrae

Kev will be leading an Emerging Talent Day talk, Beyond the Craft: The making of a game trailer.

This talk aims to delve into the world of game trailer creation. Exploring the intricate process, creative decisions, and technical expertise involved in bringing a game trailer to life. From concept to execution, this journey will reveal the workings behind captivating visuals, immersive storytelling, and the seamless mix of tech and creative.

As Founder and Creative Director of Revenant, Kev has the privilege of leading an exceptional team, carefully selected for their remarkable talents and their ability to produce cutting-edge, impactful visual content spanning diverse sectors, including broadcast, film, digital media, experiential marketing, gaming, and the commercial sphere. With over twenty years of experience in the world of visual arts, his journey has equipped him with great knowledge of the industry and its ever-evolving landscape.