Chris McKenna

Chris will be leading the talk, MPC Presents: Technical Animation in VFX MoviesĀ onĀ Friday 23rd.

In this presentation, Chris will pull back the curtain on MPC’s work on movies such as Dumbo, Transformers and The Lion King, with an insight into their approach to Technical Animation and Creative workflows.

Chris joined The Moving Picture Company (MPC) in 2014, having previously worked freelance within the VFX industry. Starting in MPC as an artist on Disney’s Jungle Book, Chris then worked on several projects, including The Lion King and most recently The Little Mermaid, Transformers & Napolean. Over Chris’ time at MPC he’s worked his way through artist to Lead, to Head of Department and is currently Head of Creative for MPC overseeing all projects and supporting Heads of Departments. The public reaction and enjoyment of seeing beloved characters on the big screen is fundamentally what drives Chris’ passion to work within the VFX industry, also the community and artistic family within our digital world along side the recent advancements in technological and creative workflows provide fuel for maintaining Chris’ drive – every new project brings new challenges which supplies never-ending opportunities to create emotive and artist-centric movies.