Ana Galvez Mellado

Ana will be participating in the Emerging Talent Day Panel, The Creative Side of Tech.

Ana Galvez Mellado has always loved art, especially anything visual, be it photography, cinema, or painting; yet she always knew she was more of a technical person. Doing an internship as a Pipeline TD at Spanish studio La Tribu made her realise that animation and VFX was the industry she belonged in, an industry where she could combine these two outlets. Immediately after finishing her degree, she joined the same studio to work on an unannounced 2D project, and subsequently landed her role at Axis Studios in 2022.

A key part of her pipeline TD role is understanding the workflow of our different departments. Mellado works closely with our artists: she’s interested in understanding how they work and the tools they need, which allows her to continually improve our pipeline for a diverse range of projects.