Dara McGarry

Dara will be participating in the Routes into the Industry panel on Emerging Talent Day.

Dara McGarry started her career at Disney Feature Animation in 1997, and over the course of 13 years worked in a variety of departments including Production, Technology and Effects on films such as Dinosaur, Chicken Little, Tangled and Frozen. But being a bonafide anglophile, she jumped at the chance to move to London in 2010, working as an Artist Manager for DNEG VFX. A few years later, DNEG opened a Feature Animation division with Dara as the Artist Manager, helping to grow and shape the team from its nascent days of 12 people to a global team of 800. She now serves as Director of Outreach for DNEG Animation.

A deep desire to support and grow the animation industry in the UK has led Dara on a quest to find and nurture young talent and ensure they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in our industry.