Emilie Bach

Emilie will be leading the Emerging Talent Day talk From Art School to Art Direction.

An informal talk about my personal career journey into animation: What inspired me to pursue animation, what kickstarted my career and how I got the opportunity to art direct on a feature at Cartoon Saloon. 

She will also be leading the talk The Elements of Design on Thursday 22nd.

A lecture-style talk about the building blocks of visual design and how I use them as a foundation for communication as an art director. We will be doing a speed run of design principles and how it relates to composition and storytelling.

Emilie is an Art Director at Cartoon Saloon on their upcoming feature film “Julián“.After graduating from The Animation Workshop in her home country Denmark, she has since worked at Cartoon Saloon in Ireland in a range of different creative jobs on their recent features “Wolfwalkers” and “My Father’s Dragon”.

As an artist, she experiments with a wide range of traditional mediums, with a particular emphasis on color and atmosphere.
She explores the subjective interpretation of the world around us, aiming to evoke a sense of wonder and magic in the mundane through her work.