Will Anderson

Will  will be leading the talk Jumping into 3D on Thursday 22nd.

After pivoting recently to 3D open source software Blender, Will will discuss how he made the transition between 2D and 3D digital animation workflows, in the context of a filmmaker who works with animated characters. Will’s talk will also cover rigging for animation, procedural workflows, and exposing the artifice of digital tools, in a reflexive way. It’s what Will is all about… It often gets a bit meta.

Will Anderson is a BAFTA-winning film maker and animator from Scotland. Edinburgh based, he writes, directs & produces lots of character driven, dialogue-led animated work for film, tv, theatre & online. With character at the heart of it, spanning 2D to 3D design, process drives his stories, which lean on existential themes. Will’s work has been commissioned and supported by BBC, BFI, MTV, [adult swim] and WarnerBros. Discovery.


photo by Diego Castro