Nathan Jurevicius

Nathan will be leading a talk on SCARYGIRL: A life-long adventure on Friday 23rd.

Nathan Jurevicius is a prolific, independent creator of numerous projects. His most enduring concept to date is SCARYGIRL, a property manifested in books, toys, games, and a feature film. Nathan will chat about the brand’s evolution over the past 22 years, including the challenges of keeping an idea alive and creative flow.

He is also participating in a Q&A following a MOVE Late screening of Scarygirl on Friday 23rd. Sign-ups for this event will be in advance and first-come first-served.

Nathan Jurevicius is an Australian/Canadian illustrator, director, toy designer, author, and concept artist. His work has appeared in numerous publications, advertising campaigns, and galleries.

He specializes in creating immersive worlds inhabited by unique individuals. His most acclaimed concept is Scarygirl, an ever-evolving plethora of characters manifested through limited edition figures, video games, and animation.

Nathan’s also known for the Australian Academy Award-winning ’PELEDA’ universe, part of his ongoing owl-centric Lithuanian mythology series that includes collaborations with Kidrobot and IKEA.