Sueann Rochester

Sueann will be participating in the Spotlight on Scotland: Kids TV (Skwigly podcast recording) session on Friday 23rd.

Driven by a love of all things animated and a need to organise things, Sueann was always destined to be an animation producer. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Animation and moved into her first production role at Red Kite Animations. With over 20 years of experience in long form TV production Sueann has worked with clients including Cartoon Network, Disney, the BBC and DC Thomson and produced BAFTA and EMMY nominated shows ‘Dennis & Gnasher’ and ‘Ask Lara’. She also produced the BAFTA winning series The Brilliant World of Tom Gates for Sky Kids.

Sueann is Co-founder and Managing Director of Wild Child Animation. She is also on the board of Animated Women UK and Animation Scotland. As well as creating great content her goal is to nurture and develop new talent and to support the Scottish animation industry.