Brian Fisher

Brian will be joining us on our Industry Day (23/02/23) where he will be giving a talk on: Facing Daemons for His Dark Materials alongside Russel Dodgson.

Brian Fisher is an actor, movement artist and puppeteer, and is well-known for his BAFTA winning contribution to Bad Wolf’s adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s fantasy series His Dark Materials.  Endlessly curious and playful, Brian has worked as a puppeteer and movement artist with the likes of Warner Bros., Netflix, HBO and the BBC where he has helped breathe life into characters on set.

As the Head of Creature FX on His Dark Materials, Brian and his team supported the VFX Department, Directors, Camera Team and actors through the use of puppetry to represent the myriad of creatures that feature in the show. This role also included working hand in glove with the incredible Ruth Wilson to create the iconic character of Mrs Coulter and her golden monkey.