Russell Dodgson

Russell will be joining us on our Industry Day (23/02/23) where he will be giving a talk on: Facing Daemons for His Dark Materials alongside Brian Fisher.

Two-time BAFTA winner Russell Dodgson joined Framestore in 2009, and has since worked across a wide range of  high-profile film, episodic and advertising projects.

Russell has led three seasons of His Dark Materials, the ambitious HBO/BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman’s beloved series of books. As the show’s overall VFX Supervisor he worked closely with the cast and crew as a key creative collaborator, bringing film-quality VFX to this immersive episodic production.

A Creative Director within Framestore’s episodic department, Russell is pivotal to the development of large-scale, long-form projects for leading at-home entertainment brands. His credits include work on the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises, Black Mirror and National Geographic’s visually-stunning MARS.