Austin Temby

Austin is participating in our dedicated Business@MOVE 1:1 meetings sessions on Thursday 23rd. These will sign up on the day and allocated on a first come first served basis.

Austin is an animator based in Glasgow, with over 20 years of working in production.

Austin began his journey in animation after studying film & TV. From there, he honed his skills and knowledge, taking on various roles in production and gaining valuable experience that would later serve him well. With extensive experience in television, he’s worked with the likes of BBC, Channel 4, Nat Geo, Sky, and many more.

Today, Austin is a Senior Animator at Bright Signals, where he’s been working fulltime for over a year – creating a wide range of visuals for advertising and more.

In addition to his professional work, Austin is also a passionate photographer, which he uses as a reference in his designs, and an expression of his visual style.