Chloe Dawe

Chloe will be participating on our Industry Days where she’ll be giving her presentation: Are You Fur Real? The Detail-Oriented Craft of Creating Creatures.

Chloe is a VFX Lead and Character Supervisor at Untold Studios. She is regarded as one of the very best creature and character artists in the industry. Chloe has worked alongside many acclaimed directors including Matthijs Van Heijningen, Dougal Wilson and Tom Hooper.

Chloe’s incredible eye for detail and form have helped her deliver some outstanding work, including MoneySuperMarket’s ‘Money Calm Bull’ and AFK Arena’s ‘Uzgahk the Orc’. Chloe has also led the teams behind two recently VES-nominated projects, Frito-Lay ‘Push It’, featuring a chorus of singing and dancing characters, as well as the loveable Virgin Media ‘Highland Rider’, both pushing the boundaries of photorealistic CGI creatures.

Before joining Untold, she greatly contributed to the creation of critically acclaimed CG characters for ‘The Lion King’ 2019, ‘Pok√©mon: Detective Pikachu’ and BBC’s ‘His Dark Materials’.