Laura MacMahon

Laura will be participating in our Industry Day where she will be giving a talk on Animating a Christmas Classic – Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. 

How do you take a universally loved classic story and translate it into animated stylised performance and dramatic musical numbers? Axis Studio’s Animator Laura MacMahon will provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we did just that for Axis’s first theatrically released feature film. Explore how animation created appealing performances from live-action references, adapted to animate a huge variety of characters, and amped up the emotions for a dramatic musical number that went viral on TikTok.

Laura MacMahon began her career at Axis Studios as a junior on Happy! season 1 in 2017, Her love of creativity took her to University at DJCAD in Dundee where she took part in the Axis mentorship program. Now as a Senior Animator, Laura has played a key part in many more projects, including Netflix’s Emmy award-winning anthology Love Death Robots Vol.1: Helping Hand, League of Legends, Tales of Runeterra, and Axis’ first theatrically released animated feature Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.