Hamish Mitchell

Hamish will be participating in our Industry Day, where he will be giving a workshop on Creating the Groom for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. 

A Groom Artist is responsible for creating different natural character features in both realistic and stylised art styles, as Lead Groom Artist, Hamish Mitchell is there to support his team every step of the way on a project. As a lead he also works closely with the Production team to ensure schedules are kept to and work is completed to the highest possible standard. From an early age, Hamish had a love for creating and painting different characters and creatures from his favourite games, inspiring him to dream of a career in that sector someday. It wasn’t until he saw his brother pursuing Animation studies at university that he realised his dreams could come true.

After joining Axis Studios from university via Axis’ Mentorship scheme, his talent took him from Junior Generalist, to Character Artist, and finally to Lead Groom Artist. Hamish’s journey at Axis has led him to work on a range of different projects, including Diablo: Immortal, KDA:MORE music video and our first feature film, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.