Christopher Halliday

Christopher is participating in our dedicated Business@MOVE strand, taking part in the Funding panel Show Me the Money: Has trying to fund your project left you scratching your head and not knowing where to start? Well never fear, our panel of industry experts are here to point you in the right direction and give you helpful tips on where to look and how to be creative with it.

Chris Halliday has been part of the Certification Unit team for 12 years that assesses and provides guidance on the cultural test and co-production, which is required to access the creative industries tax reliefs for film, television and video games. Chris works closely with key stakeholders in government and industry to provide support and guidance on the cultural test, co-production and policy. Previously, Chris worked at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport within the Creative Industry team as a Film and Media Policy adviser working closely with industry and the British Film Institute. He moved over to the BFI in 2011 and is now the teams Senior Certification Analyst across all of the creative industries tax reliefs (Film, Animation, Children’s Television, HETV and Video Games). He has an extensive knowledge of the cultural test and co-production treaties which are the gateway to accessing the UK’s tax relief.