Dave Cook

Dave will be participating on our Industry Days where he’ll be taking part in the Scottish Games Network curated panel: The Changing Nature of Storytelling. 

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Dave is an award-winning author and gaming journalist who writes comic books, video games and books about gaming history. 

His first independent comic release was 2014’s post apocalyptic road trip saga, Bust. Since then he’s created the cyberpunk Kickstarter smash, Killtopia (publisher by Glasgow’s BHP Comics) the retro beat ’em up tribute comic series, BPM: Beatdowns Per Minute, the psychological horror trip, Deadliner,  and the licensed video game comic, Ninja Baseball Spirits.

In games, Dave worked with Alien Pixel Gams to write a scenario, script and dialogue for their indie platform game, Unbound: Worlds Apart, and most recently penned the scenario and dialogue for Straka Studio’s dungeon crawler, Loot River. He also penned the scenario for LooksCosyLabs’ upcoming Halloween brawler, Final Fright.