Daniel McCance

Daniel is participating in our Emerging Talent Day (22/02/23, student only) where he will be conducting a workshop on: Make Your Showreel Shine: A Guide to Effective cinematic Lighting with Unreal Engine. He is also take part in the ‘Roles Behind the Film’ talk on Emerging Talent Day.

Workshop details: This is a technical and educational session designed to teach students the key techniques and principles of lighting and how to take full advantage of Unreal engines advanced lighting tools and techniques for a faster and more efficient way of learning and creating. This workshop will cover the basics of lighting, including color, contrast, and shadows, and how to use them to create mood and atmosphere in your own work. This is designed to help students create showreel scenes that are truly eye-catching and memorable through the power of lighting no matter what department you specialize in.

Growing up with a love of drawing, and dreams of someday working within the animation industry, Daniel McCance always knew he was destined to follow his artistic passions in life. His first step into the industry was as a Resource Assistant for Axis Studios, where he worked with a range of departments to help find talent for new and existing projects. His hard work and determination led him to his current role here at Axis as Lead Real-Time Lighting Artist.

As a lighting artist, Daniel works on a wide range of lighting scenarios on prerender and in-engine projects creating high-quality artistic and functional lighting for environments, cinematics and characters which fulfils both art and design requirements. Some of Daniel’s recent credits include Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, Gears 5, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and the League of Legends: Wild Rift cinematic trailer.